Command Line

Digital Multimeter #

Command Line #

Usage for sub-commands can easily be obtained using the --help switch after the sub-command.

Refer to the Usage and Examples for more detail.

Environment Variables #

  • DMM_MODEL - the digital multimeter model to use for the connection protocol.
  • DMM_CONNECT - the digital multimeter connection device to use, for example /dev/ttyUSB0.

For example, setting the model as an environment variable:-

user@computer:~$ export DMM_MODEL=Digitech_QM1538

Configuration File #

A configuration file will be read from any location specified using the --config option. If this option is not set an attempt to locate read a configuration from ~/.digital-multimeter and finally from /etc/digital-multimeter will be made. Use the --verbose to review which file is being read if there is any confusion.

Settings provided in configuration files always override the equivalent environment value settings.

The configuration file is standard config file format and requires a [digital-multimeter] section as shown in the sample.

Sample configuration file:-

model = Tecpel_DMM8062
connect = /dev/ttyUSB0