Digital Multimeter #

Development #

The following tools are used to create and manage this package. #

Package release and management tools - documentation

# Update package files
$ shut pkg update

# Create a staged changelog entry for a fix/feature
$ shut changelog --add fix --stage --message "Fixes bug"
$ shut changelog --add feature --stage --message "Initial version"

# Release bumps at patch/minor/major levels with --dry runs
$ shut pkg bump --patch --tag --push --dry
$ shut pkg bump --minor --tag --push --dry
$ shut pkg bump --major --tag --push --dry

# Build a package
$ shut pkg build -vvv setuptools:wheel
$ shut pkg build -vvv setuptools:*

# Publish a package
$ shut pkg publish --test warehouse:pypi
$ shut pkg publish warehouse:pypi #

Documentation generation tools - documentation

# Render documentation
$ pydoc-markdown docs/pydoc-markdown.yml 

# Provide a local live review server 
$ pydoc-markdown --server docs/pydoc-markdown.yml