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digital_multimeter.DigitalMultimeter #

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DigitalMultimeter #

class DigitalMultimeter()
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Implements an interface to various digital multimeters

__init__ #

 | def __init__(connect=None, model='Default')
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NB: Connection to the digital multimeter does not occur until required in a get_reading() call.


  • connect (str) - the connection to the digital multimeter, for example /dev/ttyUSB0
  • model (str) default: Default - the digital multimeter model to use for this connection; check models supported for a list of supported. Model names are case sensitive.

get_reading #

 | def get_reading()
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Load the digital multimeter and establish a connection if required, then get a reading of the instrument and return.

get_models_supported #

 | def get_models_supported()
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Returns a list of the supported digital multimeter models.