Supported Multimeters

Digital Multimeter #

Supported Multimeters #

The DigitalMultimeter Python3 module and accompanying dmm command-line tool have been written to accommodate the addition of new digital multimeter protocols in the future.

Two fantastic references for multimeter brands, models and their associated protocols -

If you are willing to implement an additional protocol please do get in contact or just submit a pull request!

Brand Model –model parameter Protocol Notes
- - Default FortuneFS9721 -
Digitech QM1538 Digitech_QM1538 FortuneFS9721 Reference cdmm
Digitek DT4000ZC Digitek_DT4000ZC FortuneFS9721 Reference Sigrok
PCE PCEDM32 PCE_PCEDM32 FortuneFS9721 Reference Sigrok
Tecpel DMM8062 Tecpel_DMM8062 FortuneFS9721 Product website
TekPower TP4000ZC TekPower_TP4000ZC FortuneFS9721 Product website
UniTrend UT30A UniTrend_UT30A FortuneFS9721 Reference cdmm
UniTrend UT30E UniTrend_UT30E FortuneFS9721 Reference cdmm
UniTrend UT60E UniTrend_UT60E FortuneFS9721 Reference Sigrok
Voltcraft VC820 Voltcraft_VC820 FortuneFS9721 Reference Sigrok
Voltcraft VC840 Voltcraft_VC840 FortuneFS9721 Reference Sigrok