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Digital Multimeter documentation

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Digital Multimeter provides both a CLI and Python API interface to receive data from a variety of digital multimeters.

See the list of supported multimeters here.


  • Command line and Python module interface to digital multimeters
  • Continuous live data readings (using --count 0)
  • Output in json or csv formats
  • Output to console or file, allowing other tools to pickup and use the data
  • Configuration via config-file or environment-variables
  • Easy to expand for new digital-multimeter protocols
  • Easy installation using PyPI pip
  • Documentation and examples at


user@computer:~$ pip install [--upgrade] digital-multimeter

CLI Usage Example

Continuously read the digital-multimeter and pipe the JSON output through jq to make the JSON output look prettier.

user@computer:~$ dmm read --connect /dev/ttyUSB0 --count 0 | jq .
  "reading": {
    "value": 156.70000000000002,
    "unit_name": "volts",
    "unit_symbol": "V",
    "scale": 0.001,
    "scale_name": "milli",
    "scale_symbol": "m",
    "scaled_value": 0.15670000000000003,
    "is_relative": false
  "instrument": {
    "module": "MultimeterDigitechQM1538",
    "operation_mode": "voltage_dc",
    "low_battery": false,
    "is_hold": false
  "time": {
    "elapsed": 0.349347334,
    "interval": 0.349347334,
    "timestamp": 1605936374.7694516,
    "unit_name": "second",
    "unit_symbol": "s"

Python API Usage

Python-module documentation is available here.


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